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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
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1. Can Eastern philosophy be taught in a classroom?



2. Can the principle of charity be invoked for false ideas?



3. Are some things or events in the world inherently evil in themselves?



4. Are Atman and Self really the same?



5. Are soul and Self different? If so, how are they different?



6. Are you what you think? Can you be identified with what you think?



7. Can you know Self? Can you possess Self?



8. Is Samsara or maya real? In what way?



9. What is the difference between conscience, intuition, and "inner voice"?



10. What is the difference between magic and Siddhis (psychic powers)?



11. Why do people take "vows of silence"?



12. "Life is dukka." What does this idea mean?



13. Is selfish desire the cause of all unhappiness?



14. What is body-identified mind?



15. How can "right speech" be used to decrease selfish desire?



16. How does one determine "right effort"?



17. What does "You cannot trap the Self in a net of thoughts" mean?



18. Are most people children? Explain.



19. The doctrine of noneffort is like a stone through water.



20. "Everyone takes, everyone gives."



21. How is passion related to death?



22. Can a Buddhist really love another human being? Is Buddhism different from Stoicism?



23. Is enlightenment one form of the alienation of misidentification?"



24. Is self-analysis possible? (Can a prisoner be the jailer/)



25. Does knowledge hinder enlightenment?



26. Everything is as it should be.



27. Are hindrances really optional?



28. Why do many people choose unhappiness?



29. Past, present, and future are Maya--there is only an eternal now.



30. Should all persons seek enlightenment?



31. How is action/reaction (doctrine of karma) different from cause/effect?



32. Do we create our own destiny or does our destiny create us?



33. Caring too much leads to unhappiness.



34. Everything not suffered to the end recurs.



35. You are not separate from your goal.



36. Whatever you want, you can have.



37. Thought distorts reality.



38. The good or bad that comes our way is a result of our own actions reacting upon us.



39. Can you care for something without changing it?



40. Is human love samsara?



41. Can a self be enlightened?



42. Is anyone beyond dharma?



43. What is chi?



44. Everyone gets what is deserved..

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