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Book Review Format

I. Bibliographical Data:
A. Who is the author? (What is the nationality and origin?)

B. What other work has the author done?

C. What is the author’s reputation?

D. Are there any important or enlightening circumstances connected with the composition of this work?

II. Subject Matter of the Book.
A. What kind of book is it? (Is it fiction, history, popular psychology, philosophy, textbook, technical?)

B. What is the precise subject of the book?

C.  What material does the book treat? (Summarize the main ideas or sketch an outline.)

D. What is the tone of the book—i.e., the author’s basic interpretation of the material?

III. What is the method of organization? (Summarize the table of contents.)
A. What are the style of the book? (What kind of audience is being addressed? Does the author give interesting facts or analyses?)

B. State four to ten main ideas of the book. (See examples in this syllabus in the section entitled "Book Review Examples." )

C. Select and quote one short passage as an example of the author’s insight.




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