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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
Herman Hesse's Siddhartha: An Open Source Reader  
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Name Page  Date and Typo
James Hill 8A 02.02..04  "until it[] become"
James Hill 12C 02.02.04  "turned to ice"
Nathan O'Daniel 12D 01.14.04  "with an emptied hear[t]"
Meredith Crabtree 13B 02.16.04  "lea[r]ned to reduce the beats"
James Hill 13D 02.02.04  "with only [a] few breaths"
Ngoni Mufuka 14A 01.21.04  "according to [the] new Samana" 
Matthew Dorn 14D 01.26.04   "you think[,] did we"
Meredith Crabtree 17B 02.17.04  "time and [I] am not"
James Hill 17C 02.02.04   "of the Brahm[i]ns' caste"
Meredith Crabtree 18A 01.30.04  "its fragran[ce] rose up"
Meredith Crabtree 18B 02.17.04  "just like this [] myth ran"
Meredith Crabtree 18C 02.17.04  "he [] spent his days in luxury"
James Hill 20B 02.02.04  "[have] already received"
Eds. 21C 01.31.04  "post(t)modern"
Meredith Crabtree 26C 01.31.04  "the fragran[ce] of"
Ngoni Mufuka 28A 01.21.04  "for a long t[i]me"
Matthew Dorn 28A 01.28.04  "would [follow] it up to its end"
Meredith Crabtree 36A 01.30.04  "to [] dissect"
James Hill 39A 02.16.04  "moment of [] cold"
N. Crewes 42D 01.27.04  "Siddhart[h]a"
N. Crewes 43C 01.27.04  "high(t) mountains"
James Hill 43C 02.16.04  "sang and bees [buzzed]"
James Hill 45A 02.16.04  "[] neither had to be scorned"
James Hill 48B 02.16.04  "when you[] make offerings"
Meredith Crabtree 51 B 01.30.04  "have (have) what"
Meredith Crabtree 61A 01.30.04 "cannot [] be taken"
N. Crewes 66A 01.28.04  "[T]hey"
Bob Fenn 87A 01.30.04  "want [] to take"
Bob Fenn 99C 01.30.04  "to [] go on
Eds. 104A 01.31.04  "tranquil[]ity"
James Hill 112C 03.16.04  "cling [to] him
Ngoni Mufuka 119A 02.03.04  "had [bade] his farewell"
N. Crewes 124C 01.27.04  "perc[ei]ves"
N. Crewes 124D 01.27.04  "A[r]thur"
Eds. 138C 01.31.04 "Toynbe[e]"


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