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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Test on Categorical Propositions
Part II: Further Immediate Inferences

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Directions: For all of the problems in this section, assume that the given proposition is true, perform the required inference, and state the resultant proposition. Be sure to state the resultant truth values.

1. What is the converse of "Some orchids are Cattleyas"?

     Some Cattleyas are orchids.  True.

2. What is the contrapositive of "Some computers are not IBM PC's"?

     Some non-IBM PC's are not non-computers.  True.

3. What is the obverse of "No business majors are philosophers"?

     All business majors are non-philosophers.  True.

4. What is the converse of "Some Malay languages are not polynesian derivatives"?

     Some polynesian derivatives are not Malay languages.  Undetermined.

5. What is the contrapositive of "Some laser shows are not mass cults"?

     Some non-mass cults are not non-laser shows.  True.

6. What is the obverse of "Some Rothko paintings are meditative works"?

     Some Rothko paintings are not non-meditative works.  True.

7. What is the converse of "Some presidents are smilers"?

     Some smilers are presidents.  True.

8. What is the obverse of "Some meteor showers are Geminids"?

     Some meteor showers are not non-Geminids.  True.

9. What is the contrapositive of "Some crises are learning experiences"?

     Some non-learning experiences are non-crises.  Undetermined.

10. What is the converse of " No Presidents are persons who misplace tapes"?

     No persons who misplace tapes are Presidents.  True.

Please check to see you have written the truth values for the problems in Part I and Part II.

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