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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
Test: Buddhism

I. Define the following terms and construct an example which illustrates that term. Use concrete examples taken from everyday life.

A. dukkha



B. parable of the poisoned arrow



C. the Enlightened One



D. tanha



E. nirvana



II. Analysis: Is Buddhism more of a psychology than a religion? Characterize what religion and psychology are, and relate Buddhism to your characterization. 



III. Essay: Answer one of the following questions in as much depth as possible in the time allowed.

A. Buddha's deepest and most considered reflections about life are the Four Noble Truths. Explain what these are. Do the Four Noble Truths imply Stoicism?


B. Buddha's course of treatment by training for life, itself, is the Eightfold Path. Explain what at least five of these steps are and what they imply about what we really want.




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