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Philosophy 212: Oriental Philosophy
Test on Confucianism

I. Define four of the following five terms and construct a specific example which illustrates that term. Use concrete examples taken from everyday life.

A. Jen

B. "pattern of prestige"

C. Hsiao

D. Mohism

E. Te

II. Distinguish between the following terms by defining each and specifying a difference by way of a specific example.

A. Yi and Chih

B. Naturalism and Humanism

C. Chun-tzu and Siddhartha

 III. Essay: Answer in as much detail as possible one question from each of the following two groups. 

Group I:

A.. Explain the difference between Mo Tzu's philosophy of love and Han Fei Tzu's realism. How was the Confucian solution to bring order after the period of warring states different from ideals of these philosophies?

B. Explain the difference between Confucius' conception of the goodness of people and Menicus' conception of the goodness of people. How does human evil arise according to each philosopher?

Group II:

A. Explain in some detail how the beginnings of jen are first developed from hsiao.

B. Explain the difference between acting for the sake of yi and practicing jen. Give a specific example from everyday life.



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