Daily Assignment Schedule Version 1.0

Date Class Topic Assignment
01.10 Welcome to the Course Study Class Syllabus
M 1 Purpose of the Course http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/syllabus/
  How to Study for this Course ``How to Study''
  Course Requirements http://philosophy.lander.edu/study-topics.html
01.12 What is Philosophy? Web Practice Sheet
W 2 Philosophy on the Internet http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/syllabus/
  Web Practice Sheet Help  
01.14 Thought Experiments RPI Pt. I: Personal Uses of Philosophy
F 3 Philosophical Problems http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/p268.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/character.shtml
01.17 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
M - Class does not meet  
01.19 Example Philosophical Problems Begin RPI Ch. 2: The Nature of Learning
W 4 The Principle of Charity http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c337.html
  Observation End at RFI Ch. 2: ``In the Laboratory with Agassiz''
  Theory Formation http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/x426.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/charity.shtml
01.21 Facts and Understanding RPI Begin RPI Ch.2: Facts and Theories
F 5 Facts and Theories http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/x539.html
    End RPI Ch. 2: Facts are Often Theory-Dependent
01.24 Philosophy Questions RPI Begin Ch.3: Nature of Philosophical Inquiry
M 6 Main Divisions of Philosophy http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c712.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/what.shtml
01.26 The Trial of Socrates I RPI Ch. 4 ``Just Do what's Right''
W 7 Life of Socrates From ``About the Author'' through ``Defense against Atheism''
  The Apology I http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c1271.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/apology1.shtml

Date Class Topic Assignment
01.28 The Trial of Socrates II PPI Ch. 5 ``Seek Truth Rather than Escape Death''
F 8 The Apology II http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/apology1.shtml
    From ``Do What's Right, Regardless'' to end
01.31 Death as a Good CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/apology2.shtml
M 9 Platonic Idealism http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c1713.html
  The Divided Line CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/socrates_quiz.html
  Metaphor of the Cave  
02.02 Science and Philosophy Adler, ``Basic Difference Between Science and Philosophy''
W 10   http://www.radicalacademy.com/adlersciphil1.htm
02.04 Bertrand Russell RPI Ch. 6 ``Enlargement of Self''
F 11 The Problems of Philosophy http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c2032.html
  Science and Philosophy http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/russell.shtml
02.07 Practical and Philosophic Minds Begin RPI Ch7: ``Only Faith Can Give Truth''
M 12 Goals of Philosophy http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c2347.html
  Enlargement of Self From ``Everyday Life'' to ``Science Renders Life Meaningless''
02.09 Leo Tolstoy I Complete Ch 7: ``Only Faith Can Give Truth''
W 13 A Confession http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c2347.html
  Science and Philosophy CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/tolstoy.shtml
02.11 Leo Tolstoy II RPI Ch. 8 Le Mythe de Sisyphe
F 14 Truth http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c2775.html
02.14 Albert Camus I CN ``Nobility of Soul''
M 15 The Myth of Sisyphus CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/camus.shtml
  Absurdity and Happiness  
02.16 Albert Camus II CN ``Man Provides Life's Meaning''
W 16 What is Absurdity? http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/camus.html
02.18 Review for Test I Review for Test I Philosophy of Life
F 17 Philosophy of Life CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/life_test.html
    Syllabus: Review for Test II
02.21 Test II Philosophy of Life RPI Pt. II ``Philosophy of Religion''
M 18   http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/p3053.html
    Background: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ``Philosophy of Religion''

Date Class Topic Assignment
02.23 Review of Test II RPI ''God and the World"
W 19 Meaning of Life and God's Existence http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c3114.html
  A posteriori Arguments Wikipedia ``A priori and A Posteriori''
  A priori Arguments http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_priori_and_a_posteriori_(philosophy)
02.25 Anselm's Ontological Argument RPI Ch. 10 ``The Ontological Argument''
F 20 Gaunilo's Perfect Island http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c3171.html
  Problem of Existential Import RPI Ch. 11 ``An Answer to Anselm''
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/anselm.shtml
02.28- Spring Break Holiday
03.04 Classes do not meet  


Thomas Aquinas I RPI Ch. 13 ``From the Nature of the Universe''
M 21 First Cause Argument http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c3703.html
  Argument from Motion CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/motion.shtml
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/cause.shtml
03.09 Thomas Aquinas II CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/necessity.shtml
W 22 Argument from Necessity CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/gradation.shtml
  Great Chain of Being  
03.11 The Teleological Argument CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/governance.shtml
F 23 Thomas on Design RPI Ch.14 ``The Teleological Argument''
  William Paley's Watch Argument CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/paley.shtml
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/aquinas_quiz.html
03.14 Blaise Pascal RPI Ch.16 ``The Wager''
M 24 ``The Heart Has Its Reasons'' http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c4326.html
  Introduction to Decision Theory CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/pascal.shtml

Date Class Topic Assignment
03.16 Fyodor Dostoevsky RPI Ch. 17 ``The Problem of Evil''
W 25 The Problem of Evil http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c4531.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/dostoevsky.shtml
03.18 Fyodor Dostoevsky (re-read) http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c4531.html
F 26 Problem of Evil CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/dostoevsky.shtml
03.21 Review for Test III Philosophy of Religion CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/religion_test.html
M 27   Syllabus: Review for Test III
03.23 Test III Philosophy of Religion Background: Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
W 28   http://www.rep.routledge.com/article/L132
03.25 Free Will and Determinism RPI Ch. 18 ``Free Will and Determinism''
F 29 Predestination and Fatalism http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c4909.html
  Choice and Chance CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/determinism_quiz.html
03.28 Ethical Relativism http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/relativism.html
M 30 Ethical Absolutism http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/stace.html
03.30 Plato RPI Ch. 21 ``The Ring of Gyges"
W 31 Social Contract http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c5641.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/gyges.shtml
04.01 Psychological Egoism CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/egoism.html
F 32 Bernard Mandeville IES Ch. 24 ``Human Beings are Selfish''
  The Fable of the Bees http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/ethicsbook/c6060.html
04.04 Aristotle I http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/ethicsbook/c5574.html
M 33 Excellence http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/aristotle1.html
04.06 Aristotle II http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/aristotle2.html
W 34 Pleasure http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/notes-aristotle.html

Date Class Topic Assignment
04.08 Jeremy Bentham RPI Ch. 23 ``Happiness is the Greatest Good''
F 35 Utilitarianism http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c6178.html
  Hedonistic Calculus CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/calculus.html
    CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/notes-bentham.html
04.11 Friedrich Nietzsche RPI Ch. 24 ``Slave and Master Morality''
M 36 Master and Slave Morality http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c6516.html
  Will to Power CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/ethics/notes-nietzsche.html
04.13 Jean-Paul Sartre I RPI Ch. 25 ``Man Makes Himself''
W 37 Existence and Essence http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c6830.html
  We are Responsible for All Persons CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/sartre.html
04.15 Jean-Paul Sartre II RPI Ch. 25 ``Man Makes Himself''
F 38 Anguish, Forlorness, Despair CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/sartre.html
04.18 Review for Test IV Review for Test IV Philosophical Ethics Syllabus
M 39 Philosophical Ethics CN http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/ethics_test.html
04.20 Test IV Ethics Optional Ortega y Gassett, ``Man, As Project''
W 40   http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/articles/ortega-a.pdf
04.22 Review of Test IV Ethics Review for Approved Make-up Tests
F 41 Class attendance optional  
04.25 Final Examination Period Summer Reading
M 8:00-10:00 on RPI William James, ``What Makes a Life Significant?''
  Make-up Tests only http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/introbook2.1/c9204.html

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