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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Diagramming Simple Arguments


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Directions: Diagram the following arguments.

A. (1) Joe probably will have heart problems in the future because (2) he has creased earlobes and a depressed sternum and (3) these characteristics have been associated with heart attacks.

Image: Statements 2 and 3 are claimed to entail statement 1.

B. (1) Since Sandra is wearing a soccer jersey, (2) she must be a soccer player.

Image: Statement 1 is claimed to entail statement 2.

C. (1) Only people with valid licenses can legally drive (2) and only people who pass the test can have a valid license. Therefore, (3) only those who pass the test can legally drive.

Image: Statements 1 and 2 are claimed to entail statement 3.

 D.  (1) Many adults wish they could have their noses fixed, for (2) research has shown that 45% of all Americans are displeased with the shape of their noses.

Image: Statement 2 is claimed to entail statement 1.

E.  (1)  You should really take it easy tonight, (2) you have a big test tomorrow.  

Image: Statement 2 is claimed to entail statement 1.

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