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Reading for Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking, An Open Source Reader,  version 0.21

The textbook is available in several formats, all are free, subject to the GFDL license: 

Chapters are available as Independent Readings in separate articles below in several formats.  

  • The HTML links in the table below are to the chapters in the online HTML textbook Reading for Philosophical Inquiry, version 0.21.

  • The PDF files in the table below are processed as separate articles without the chapter headings and  with minor formatting changes from the online PDF textbook, Reading for Philosophical Inquiry, version 0.21

  • The mp3 files in the table below are text to speech output from the source SGML files (without the sidebar, image information, and questions) using the programs Festival and Lame. All are free and are licensed under GFDL.
Article and Author Selection html pdf min:sec mp3
I. Introduction I. Personal Uses of Philosophy Part I. Personal Uses of Philosophy      
1. Eds. Preface: Why Open Source? Why Open Source? 14 MB -- 35 min. -- version 0.2
2. Eds. The Nature of Learning The Nature of Learning 14 MB -- 35 min. -- version 0.2
3. Eds. The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry 14 MB -- 35 min. -- version 0.2
4. Plato  "Just Do What's Right" from
The Apology
, Part I
Just Do What's Right 14:58 14 MB -- 35 min. -- version 0.2
5. Plato  "Seek Truth Rather than Escape Death" from The Apology, Part II Seek Truth Rather Than Escape Death 4:25 6 MB -- 15 min. -- version 0.3
6.  Russell "Enlargement of Self" from
Problems of Philosophy
Enlagrement of Self
7. Tolstoy "Only Faith Can Give Meaning" from
A Confession
Only Faith Can Give Truth
8. Camus,  trans.
by Hélène Brown
"An Absurd Reasoning" from
Le Mythe de Sisphye
Le Mythe de Sisyphe
Introduction II. Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Religion      
9. Eds. God and the World God and the World
10. Anselm "The Ontological Argument" from
The Proslogium
The Ontological Argument
11. Gaunilo "An Answer to Anselm" from
Pro Insipiente
An Answer to Anself
12. Kant "Existence Is Not a Predicate" from The Critique of Pure Reason Existence Is Not a Predicate
13. Aquinas "From the Nature of the Universe" from Summa Theologica From the Nature of the Universe
14. Paley "The Teleological Argument" from
Natural Theology
The Teleological Argument
15. Hume "Critique of the Design Argument" from Dialogues  Critique of the Design Argument
16. Pascal "The Wager" from
The Wager
17. Dostoevsky "The Problem of Evil" from 
The Brothers Karamazov
The Problem of Evil
Introduction III. Philosophical Ethics Philosophical Ethics      
18. Eds. Free Will and Determinism Free Will and Determinism
19. Spinoza "Human Beings are Determined" from
The Ethics
Human Beings Are Determined
20. James "The Will to Believe" from The Will
to Believe and Other Essays
The Will to Believe
21. Plato "The Ring of Gyges" from
The Republic
The Ring of Gyges
22. Aristotle "Live of Excellence" from Nichomachean Ethics Life of Excellence: Living Well and Doing Well
23. Bentham "Happiness the Greatest Good" from Principles of Morals and Legislation Happiness Is the Greatest Good
24. Nietzsche "Slave and Master Morality" from
Beyond Good and Evil
Slave and Master Morality
25. Sartre "Man Makes Himself"  Man Makes Himself
Introduction IV. Epistemology Epistemology and Metaphysics      
26. Comte "Postive Philosophy" from Cours de Philosophie Positive Postitive Philosophy
27. Engels "Scientific Determinism" from 
Ludwig Feuerbach
Science of Natural Processes
28. Mill "A Science of Human Nature" from A System of Logic A Science of Human Nature
29. Joachim "Coherence Theory of Truth" from The Nature of Truth Coherence Theory of Truth
30. James "Pragmatic Theory of Truth" from Pragmatism Pragmatic Theory of Truth
31. Russell "What is Truth?" from Problems of Phiosophy What is Truth?
32. Aristotle "The Sea Fight Tomorrow" from On Interpretation The Seafight Tomorrow
33. James "What Makes A Life Significant? What Makes a Life Significant?

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