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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Logic Readings in the Lander University Library L-M

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AUTHOR       Lambert, Karel, 1928-  
TITLE        The logical way of doing things. Edited by Karel Lambert.  
IMPRINT      New Haven, Yale University Press, 1969.  
BC38 .L3 

AUTHOR       Lathrop, Richard G., 1933-  
TITLE        Introduction to psychological research; logic, design, analysis
[by] Richard G. Lathrop. Under the editorship of Wayne 
IMPRINT      New York, Harper & Row [1969]  
BF76.5 .L34

AUTHOR       Lemmon, E. J.  
TITLE        Beginning logic / E.J. Lemmon.  
IMPRINT      London : Nelson, 1971, c1965.  
BC108 .L4 1971

AUTHOR       Lewis, Clarence Irving, 1883-1964.  
TITLE        Symbolic logic, by Clarence Irving Lewis and Cooper Harold  
EDITION      2d ed.  
IMPRINT      [New York] Dover Publications [1959]  
BC135 .L43 1959

AUTHOR       Lewis, David K.  
TITLE        Counterfactuals [by] David K. Lewis.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1973.  
BC199.C66 L48 1973

AUTHOR       Lukasiewicz, Jan.  
TITLE        Aristotle's syllogistic from the standpoint of modern formal  
EDITION      2d ed., enl.  
IMPRINT      Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1972, c1957.  

B491.L8 L8 1972


AUTHOR       McKirahan, Richard D.  
TITLE        Principles and proofs : Aristotle's theory of demonstrative  
science / Richard D. McKirahan, Jr.  
IMPRINT      Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1992.  
B441 .M525 1992

AUTHOR       Makinson, David Clement.  
TITLE        Topics in modern logic [by] D. C. Makinson.  
IMPRINT      London, Methuen; distributed by Harper & Row Publishers, inc.,  
Barnes and Noble Import Division [1973]  
BC108 .M32

AUTHOR       Manser, Anthony Richards.  
TITLE        Bradley's logic / Anthony Manser.  
IMPRINT      Totowa, N.J. : Barnes & Noble Books, c1983.  
B1618.B73 P735 1983

AUTHOR       Martin, Harold C.  
TITLE        The logic and rhetoric of exposition.  
EDITION      Rev. ed.  
IMPRINT      Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1965, c1963]  
PE1429 .M3 1965

AUTHOR       Mates, Benson, 1919-  
TITLE        Stoic logic / Benson Mates.  
IMPRINT      Berkeley : University of California Press c1961.  

B528 .M3 1961

AUTHOR       Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873.  
TITLE        A system of logic, ratiocinative and inductive; being a connected 
view of the principles of evidence, and the methods of  
scientific investigation. Editor of the text: J. M. Robson.  
Introd. by R. F. McRae.  
IMPRINT      Toronto, University of Toronto Press [1973-74]  
BC91 .M5 1973 v. 1  
BC91 .M5 1973 v. 2

AUTHOR       Munitz, Milton Karl, 1913-  
TITLE        Existence and logic / Milton K. Munitz.  
IMPRINT      New York : New York University Press, 1974.  
BD331 .M86

AUTHOR       Munson, Ronald, 1939-  
TITLE        The way of words : an informal logic / Ronald Munson.  
IMPRINT      Boston : Houghton Mifflin, c1976.  
BC108 .M83 1976  

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