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Recommended Logic Sources for Commentaries and Analyses

Note: At the end of this list are links to a more complete list of logic books in the Larry A. Jackson library and a link to telnet to OPAC.

AUTHOR       Ayer, A. J. (Alfred Jules), 1910-
TITLE        Language, truth, and logic / by Alfred Jules Ayer.
IMPRINT      New York : Dover, [introd. 1946]
B53 .A9 1946

AUTHOR       Barry, Vincent E.
TITLE        Practical logic / Vincent E. Barry.
IMPRINT      New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1976.
BC108 .B27 1976

AUTHOR       Beardsley, Monroe C.
TITLE        Practical logic / by Monroe C. Beardsley.
IMPRINT      New York : Prentice-Hall, c1950.
BC71 .B3 1950  

AUTHOR       Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.  
UNIF TITLE   Symbolic logic.  
TITLE        Lewis Carroll's Symbolic logic  
IMPRINT      New York : C. N. Potter : distributed by Crown Publishers, c1977.  

BC135 .D67 1977  

AUTHOR       Chase, Stuart, 1888-  
TITLE        Guides to straight thinking, with 13 common fallacies.  
EDITION      [1st ed.]  
IMPRINT      New York, Harper [1956]  
BC108 .C52  

AUTHOR       Cohen, Morris Raphael, 1880-1947.  
TITLE        A preface to logic /  by Morris R. Cohen.  
IMPRINT      Cleveland : World Pub. Co., 1965, c1944.  

BC71 .C6 1965  

AUTHOR       Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-  
TITLE        Historians' fallacies : toward a logic of historical thought / by 
David Hackett Fischer.  
EDITION      1st ed.  
IMPRINT      New York : Harper & Row, c1970.  

D16 .F53  

AUTHOR       Gardner, Martin, 1914-  
TITLE        Logic machines and diagrams.  
IMPRINT      New York, McGraw-Hill, 1958.  
BC138 .G3  

AUTHOR       Harnadek, Anita E.  
TITLE        Critical thinking : book 1 / by Anita Harnadek.  
IMPRINT      Troy, Mich. : Midwest Publications, c1976.  
BF 463 .C68 H3 V.1  

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TITLE        Fallacies : classical and contemporary readings / edited by Hans  
V. Hansen and Robert C. Pinto.  
IMPRINT      University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, 
BC175 .F35 1995  

AUTHOR       Kahane, Howard, 1928-  
TITLE        Logic and contemporary rhetoric : the use of reason in everyday  
               life / Howard Kahane.  
EDITION      2d ed.  
IMPRINT      Belmont, Calif. : Wadsworth Pub. Co., c1976.  
BC175 .K25 1976  

AUTHOR       Kahane, Howard, 1928-  
TITLE        Logic and philosophy : a modern introduction / Howard Kahane.  
EDITION      2nd ed.  
IMPRINT      Belmont, Calif. : Wadsworth Pub. Co., c1973.  
BC108 .K3 1973  

AUTHOR       Kneale, W. C. (William Calvert)  
TITLE        The development of logic, by William Kneale and Martha Kneale.  
IMPRINT      Oxford [Eng.] Clarendon Press [1971, c1962]  
BC15 .K55 1971  

AUTHOR       Martin, Harold C.  
TITLE        The logic and rhetoric of exposition.  
EDITION      Rev. ed.  
IMPRINT      Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1965, c1963]  
PE1429 .M3 1965

AUTHOR       Mates, Benson, 1919-  
TITLE        Stoic logic / Benson Mates.  
IMPRINT      Berkeley : University of California Press c1961.  

B528 .M3 1961  

AUTHOR       Walton, Douglas N.  
TITLE        Begging the question : circular reasoning as a tactic of  
argumentation / Douglas N. Walton.  
EDITION      1st ed.  
IMPRINT      New York : Greenwood Press, c1991.  
BC177 .W322 1991

AUTHOR       Walton, Douglas N.  
TITLE        Informal logic : a handbook for critical argumentation / Douglas  
N. Walton.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1991, c1989.  
BC177 .W324 1991

AUTHOR       Walton, Douglas N.  
TITLE        Plausible argument in everyday conversation / Douglas N. Walton.  
IMPRINT      Albany : State University of New York Press, c1992.  

P301.5.P47 W35 1992

AUTHOR      Wason, P. C. (Peter Cathcart)
TITLE Psychology of reasoning; structure and content [by] P. C. Wason
[and] P. N. Johnson-Laird.
IMPRINT Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1975, c1972.
BF441 .W32 1975

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Logic Books at the Larry A. Jackson Library

A fairly comprehensive listing of the main texts in logic available in the Lander University Library are listed by author in the links below.

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The online public access catalog (OPAC) provides access to the Lander University Library holdings.  Click the link below to telnet to Library's online catalog..  At the login prompt type "library" and press the ENTER keyThe Online Public Access Catalog is an index to most of the materials located in the Jackson Library, including books, audiovisuals, periodical titles, and other mediaYou can search by author, title, subject, call number, or Library of Congress subject heading.  Be sure to log out by typing "D" (for disconnect).

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