Assignment Schedule

Date Class Topic Assignment
01.10 Welcome to the Course Study Class Syllabus
M 1 Purpose of the Course
  How to Study for this Course ``How to Study''
  Course Requirements
01.12 What is Philosophy? Q-1 Web Practice Sheet
W 2 Logic on the Internet
  Divisions of Philosophy  
  Web Practice Sheet Help  
01.14 The Nature of Logic
F 3 Logic and Reasoning  
01.17 M.\L. King, Jr. Birthday Holiday Observed
M Class does not meet  
01.19 The Structure of Arguments
W 4 Statements and Nonstatements Ex 1: Statements and Nonstatements
  Premises and Conclusion
01.21 Premise and Conclusion Indicators
F 5 Finding the Conclusion
  Entailment and Inference Q-2 Statements
  Exercise 1: Statements Ex 2: Arguments Level I
  Q-1 Web Practice Sheet due
01.24 Diagramming Arguments Review
M 6 Q-2 Statements Q-3 Indicators
  Ex 2: Arguments Level I
    Ex 3: Arguments Level II

Date Class Topic Assignment
01.26 Diagramming Practice
W 7 Q-3 Indicators
  Ex 3: Arguments Level II Q-4 Diagramming
    Ex 4: Arguments Level III
01.28 Arguments and Nonarguments
F 8 Q-4 Diagramming Ex 5: Arguments and Nonarguments
  Deductive and Inductive Arguments
  Exercise 4: Arguments Level III
01.31 Deduction and Induction Review
M 9 Validity and Truth Ex 6: Deduction and Induction
02.02 Truth, Validity, Soundness
W 10   Q-5 Truth, Validity, Soundness
    Syllabus: Truth, Validity, Soundness
02.04 Review Exercises Syllabus: Test I Review Sheet
F 11 Q-5 Truth, Validity, Soundness
02.07 Review for Test I Study for Test I
M 12 The Structure of Arguments
    Syllabus: Test I Review Sheet


Test I: The Structure of Arguments Optional: Max Shulman, ``Love is a Fallacy''
W 13

Date Class Topic Assignment
02.11 Forms and Functions of Language
F 14 Performative Utterances
02.14 Emotive Language
M 15 Emotive Significance Ex 7: Emotive Language
02.16 Varieties of Disagreements
W 16 Language Exercises
  Ex 7: Emotive Language Ex 8: Disagreements
02.18 Informal Fallacies
F 17 Fallacies of Relevance I
  Exercise 8: Disagreements Q-6 Varieties of Disagreement
    Ex 9: Relevance I

Date Class Topic Assignment
02.21 Fallacies of Relevance II
M 18 Q-6 Varieties of Disagreement
  Exercise 9: Relevance I
    Ex 10: Relevance II
    Q-7 Fallacies of Relevance I
    Make flash-cards for Fallacies of Relevance
02.23 Fallacies of Presumption I
W 19 Q-7 Fallacies of Relevance I
  Ex 10: Relevance II
    Ex 11: Presumption I
02.25 Fallacies of Presumption II
F 20 Exercise 11: Presumption
    Ex 11: Presumption I
    Q-8 Fallacies of Presumption
    Make flash-cards for Fallacies of Presumption

Date Class Topic Assignment
02.28 Spring Break Holiday
03.04.09 Class does not meet  
03.07 Review of Fallacies
M 21 Q-8 Fallacies of Presumption Q-9 Great American Fallacy Contest
03.09 Q-9 Great American Fallacy Contest Review for Test II
W 22 Bring Note Cards Syllabus: Test II Review Sheet


Test II Language and Informal Fallacies Optional: Britannica CD, ``Categorical Propositions''
F 23   Optional:
03.14 Standard Form Categorical Propositions
M 24 Quantity, Quality
  Distribution Q-10 Chart for Form, Quantity, Quality, Distribution
03.16 Traditional Square of Opposition
W 25 Q-10 Quantity, Quality, Distribution Ex 12: Square of Opposition
  Contrariety; Subcontrariety
  Subalternation; Contradiction
03.18 Moving Around the Square §I, §II
F 26 Conversion Obversion Contraposition Q-11 Square of Opposition
  Ex 12: Square of Opposition
03.21 Further Immediate Inferences §III
M 27 Conversion; Obversion; Contraposition Ex 13: Further Immediate Inferences
  Q-11 Square of Opposition
03.23 Successive Immediate Inferences
W 28 Ex 13:Further Immediate Inferences Q-12 Conversion, Obversion, Contraposition
    Ex 14: Successive Immediate Inferences

Date Class Topic Assignment
03.25 Strategies for Successive Inferences
F 29 Q-12 Conversion, Obversion, Contraposition
  Ex 14: Successive Immediate Inferences  
03.30 Ordinary Language Inferences
M 30 Venn Diagrams for Propositions
    Q-13 Venn Diagrams
    Ex 15: Venn Diagrams
03.31 Review for Test III Syllabus: Test III Review Sheet
W 31 Exercise 15: Venn Diagrams
  Q-13 Venn Diagrams
    Study for Test III
04.01.09 Test III Categorical Propositions Optional: Syllogism in the History of Logic
F 32


Review of Test III
M 33 Syllogistic Terms I
    Exercise 16: Syllogistic Terms
    Q-14 Syllogistic Terms
04.06 Syllogistic Terms II
W 34 Q-14 Syllogistic Terms
  Ex 16: Syllogistic Terms Ex 17: Logical Analogies for problems # 3 & #7 in Ex 16
  Logical Analogies
  Venn Diagrams Exercise 18: Venn Diagrams

Date Class Topic Assignment
04.08 Syllogistic Fallacies I
F 35 Four Term Fallacy
  Undistributed Middle
  Illicit Minor and Major
  Exclusive Premisses
  Affirm. Conclusion From Neg.Premiss
  Existential Fallacy
  Exercise 17: Logical Analogies  
  Exercise 18: Venn Diagrams  
04.11 Testing Syllogisms I
M 36   Ex 19: Evaluating Syllogisms
04.13 Testing Syllogisms II
W 37 Ex 19: Evaluating Syllogisms
04.15 Translation
F 38 Reducting Terms Ex 21: Translating and Testing Syllogisms
    Q-15 Testing Syllogisms
04.18 Translation Tricks
M 39 Q-15 Testing Syllogisms
  Exercise 21: Translating and Testing Syllogisms

Date Class Topic Assignment
04.20 Review for Test IV Syllogisms Syllabus: Test IV Review Sheet
W 40
04.22 Test IV Syllogisms Office Hours Posted for Week of Finals
F 41 Syllabus Office Hours end  


Sec. 03 (9:10 Class) Final Period Summer Logic Reading
M Approved Make-up Tests Only Douglas Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  Testing Time: 8:00-10:00 am Have a Great Summer!

Lee Archie 2011-01-07